• The Incentia OHC Tech® technology based on Nano organic hydrocolloids, with surfactant actions, which gives the product unique physical and chemical capabilities, promoting an increase in the absorption of nutrients blocked from the soil, a greater and efficient penetration into plant cells when applied via foliar or to tree trunk, and better growth. Incentia OHC Tech® it's a very powerful carrier.

Organic Hidro Colloid (OHC)

Organic Hidro Colloid, or OHC, is a nano lipid-based emulsion that can encapsulate active compounds of minerals and nutrients in an aqueous environment to enhance their delivery and penetration efficacy.

Once the lipids encapsulate active compounds and formed into colloidal micelles, the micelles contain unique physiochemical properties that allow efficient penetration into plant system and capable of movements through both symplastic and apoplastic pathway into plant cells.

OHC possess the characteristics to replace soil colloids, and with a much more consistent efficacy. Its mode of action also makes it an ideal component to liquid fertiliser and bio-stimulant, allowing built-in colloids that are lacking in the soil to facilitate the uptake of nutrients and minerals. OHC contains more than 99% (o.d.s) organic matter. It is alkaline, non-toxic and non-hazardous to human, animal and marine life.

OHC is REACH compliant, and ingredients are food-grade under regulatory guidelines. It has been certified to contain no residue for acid herbicides, pesticides MGI, II, III+ML and quaternary ammonium salts in field residue tests in Europe.

Fertiliser with OHC

When OHC is used as a component to liquid fertiliser or bio- stimulant, we categorised them as colloidal fertiliser. The product can be applied to plants through the roots (preferred) and foliage, as well as through the trunk without the need for trunk injection.

Hence, for agriculture to be sustainable with precision use of minerals, fertilisers and chemicals input to achieve optimal growth, it is essential that a compound synonymous to soil colloids with appropriate physiochemical characteristics in size, charge, chemical compounds, can be replenished into the soil system for fertilisation and nutrition for plants.


wdt_ID Product Name Composition OBS.
53 EFFIK-ONE 3,6% Cu complexed with HGA + 0,5 % Mn complexed with HGA + 0,5 % Zn complexed with HGA + OHC Tech® (W/V) Powerful enhancer of phytosanitary treatments, biostimulant, another means of defense against pests and diseases. Vegetable Chemotherapy
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